7 Reasons Your Dog Is Crying

Feb 26 , 2020

7 Reasons Your Dog Is Crying


Stress in dogs can often occur when there are multiple things happening at once, for instance when you’re taking them for a walk near a busy road. Stress may also arise during training if you’re giving them too many commands at once or the training methods are too stressful for them. Let them take a break and change your training place or method. 

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs get lonely and anxious when they’re home alone, especially for long periods of time. Some may tear up the couch or house, while others whine or howl for hours. If you’re at work all day, install a pet camera that allows you to see when your dog is whimpering and talk to them to ease the anxiety. Some pet cameras even allow you to remotely toss treats to them. 

Another trick is conditioning. Leave them alone for short periods of time. Slowly increase the amount of time you leave them alone until they’re comfortable being left for your ideal length of time.


Some dogs will whine when they’re in pain. If they get stabbed in the paw by something, they will yelp, limp when they walk, and possibly whimper


Dogs learn quickly that crying will often get them attention. If they’re feeling bored, want you to play, need to go outside, want your food, or any other reason they need your attention, they know they can get it by whining. This is often learned in puppyhood. Puppies learn that crying can gain attention and then carry this habit into adulthood.


When someone new comes to the door, dogs wag their tail, wiggle their whole body, and cry in excitement. They cannot control themselves easily and their outlet is to move around and whine. 

But how do you get a puppy to stop crying when they see a new face? The best way to calm an excited dog down is to train them to go to their bed or crate when someone comes to your door. 

Setting Boundaries

Some dogs bark when others come into their territory, some howl and whine. This warns trespassers and lets them know they’re entering the dog’s territory. 


We all know dogs can communicate with us. When we say something to them, they often respond with a bark, howl, or whine. Some dogs can even mimic human sounds, the most popular may be huskies saying “I love you,” even if they might not know what it means.