8 Dog Training Tips for Your New Puppy

Dec 26 , 2019

8 Dog Training Tips for Your New Puppy

Congrats! You just got a puppy for the holidays! This is an exciting time of welcoming your new family member. But how do you train a puppy? He’s excitedly jumping everywhere and chewing everything and you’ve never had a puppy before. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best dog training tips:


1.  Decide on the Rules

The best dog tip we have is to set rules before you get a new dog or puppy. Or decide on the rules as soon as possible. Is your dog allowed on the furniture? When and who will feed him? Are there certain areas that are off limits? Where will she go to the bathroom? Make sure all your family members know the rules too, so you don’t confuse your puppy or get him in trouble for something he shouldn’t be doing.


2.  Puppy-Proof Your House

Use baby gates or a crate to let your puppy know where she can and cannot go. Give her plenty of toys she can chew and make sure you supervisor as much as you would a human toddler. The best way to train a puppy is to make sure you have a lot of time to spend with her to provide enough attention and treats.


3.  Reward Good Behavior

Use positive reinforcement like small treats, affection, toys, and praise. On the flip side, don’t reward negative behavior. Puppy training will be easier with positive reinforcement than trying to give him a command and seeing if he'll respond. Most likely, he won't.


4.  Teach Your Puppy to Come

Teaching your new puppy to come when called is one of the best commands you can teach him, especially when his puppy curiosity causes him to run off. It asserts your status as the alpha and that he should listen to you no matter what.

To teach him to come, get on his level and tell him to come to you, make sure you use his name so he knows you’re talking to him. Use treats and affection as positive reinforcement he can associate with the command. Continue doing this often, especially when he’s busy with something interesting.


5.  Teach Your Dog Not to Jump

Other common basic commands are good for training, especially the "No Jumping" rule. Puppies jumping on you might be cute, but a 100 pound dog jumping on you could lead to injury, especially to older people and children... It’s important to stop this habit early on. When she jumps up, ignore her until she settles down. Never pet her while she’s jumping, just turn around and ignore her.


6.  Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite or Nip

You can curb this habit just as you do the jumping: remove whatever clothes or body part he’s biting and ignore him. You can also pretend you’re in great pain to surprise him into stopping. If neither work, swap out what he’s chewing on with his favorite toy.


7.  Give Them Plenty of Exercise

Puppies have an abundance of energy. To prevent her from getting bored and being destructive, take her for a long walk or go to the park to run around and play fetch. Training provides mental stimulation that can also tire her out a little so try to do both.


8.  End Training with Positive Reinforcement

Give her lots of love, treats, praise, and maybe more play at the end of every training session. Your pup will be excited to learn if he knows he’s getting love, petting, or treats at the end of it! If you are worried about over feeding your puppy, you can use clicker training. The training process can be difficult, but take breaks and be persistent and in no time, you'll have a well-trained puppy.

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