A Nose Of A Fur

Mar 31 , 2020

A Nose Of A Fur

What is your strongest sense? Sight, sound, taste? In dogs, their sense of smell reigns supreme due to their millions of sensing glands. German Shepherds are especially known for their keen sense of smell. They don’t need sight or sound, but rather rely on their sense of smell to locate people underwater during rescue efforts. Similarly, they are able to locate suspects based on the lingering smell of their odor or breath. While German Shepherd’s possess this innate ability, not all dogs have this level of sensory sensitivity. Some have a poor sense of smell compared to others.  

For dogs with a poor sense of smell, the American Kennel Club states that there is a natural way to unleash your dog's ability to smell. One suggestion is to give your dog a particular treats and toys that could enhance their power of smell. If you are interested in learning more, visit https://www.akc.org/ for detailed information and suggestions on how to improve your dog’s sense of smell. 


Aside from their keen sense of smell, dogs are known to pick up on other subtle indicators when it comes to mood and health. According to research, dogs can recognize when humans are happy, anxious, afraid, or sad. They do so by picking up on our adrenaline and heartbeats. Experts say that dogs sense fear, which means they are able to pick up on your increased heart rate, defensive behavior, and possibly aggressive tone and demeanor. By comparison, when humans exhibit confident and calm characteristics, dogs are at ease knowing we are ok and in control. 

Getting to know your dogs innate characteristic is important to knowing how they see, or smell, the world!