Chow Time Supports Guide Dog Foundation

Jan 24 , 2020

Chow Time Supports Guide Dog Foundation

Here at Chow Time, we know dogs can do extraordinary things; from learning how to sit on command, to bringing you the remote, to skateboarding. But some of them also have extremely important jobs: they help people with disabilities to cross the street, ride public transportation, and navigate through confusing city landscapes. We support these helping dogs through the Guide Dog Foundation.

What Goes The Guide Dog Foundation Do?

The Guide Dog Foundation trains and places service dogs with people who are blind, visually impaired, or have other disabilities. This provides them more independence and enhanced mobility. They offer classes for both dogs and humans to learn how to work together and have created a community of support for people with disabilities. 

How does Chow Time Support The Guide Dog Foundation?

It costs $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and place just one assistance dog. It’s free of charge to people in need, so they rely on donations. Chow Time supports this by donating 5% of all Chow Time Automatic Pet Feeders to the Guide Dog Foundation. 

Where Does Your Contribution Go?

Your donation for the dogs supports their upbringing and training.

How Can You Support The Guide Dog Foundation?

Simply by purchasing our Automatic Pet Feeder, we will continue to support the Guide Dog Foundation. Buy here to donate today!

If you’d like to further support them, you can donate to them directly here.