Do’s & Don’ts of New Puppies

Sep 15 , 2020

Do’s & Don’ts of New Puppies

When your dog has puppies, it is a very exciting time.The pups are tiny and cute but is it safe to pick them up? Some people worry that mothers will reject their pups if they are handled by humans. But this is only a myth. In fact, if a new mother does seem wary of her new pups, this is often a sign of an underlying health issue with the mother.

Since it is safe to handle newborn puppies, we should nevertheless do so with considerable caution as they are delicate! Taking proper precautions will ensure you protect both mom and pups!

What is the safe way to handle new puppies?

Different breeders offer their own unique guidance. They agree and disagree at a different level of handling. As a general rule, puppies should be touch or lifted as little as possible when they are younger than 3 weeks. At this stage, they are still very fragile, and unknowingly you may end up hurting them.

Puppies cannot control their body temperature yet and they need their mother's warmth. Removing them from their mother could potentially harm them because they easily get cold and this could be fatal.

Another thing to consider is your role in the puppies life. If you are a stranger, avoid touching new puppies. Their mother may also be particularly protective in the presence of strangers. To minimize her stress, don’t handle puppies that you are unfamiliar with. Dogs have a motherly instinct and capable of nursing their pups. If you can, only touch your puppies if you think they are sick and they need prompt care. Instead of asking yourself if you can touch them, try to ask yourself why do you need to touch them? Is it necessary? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?