Essential oil safety around pets

Oct 31 , 2020

Essential oil safety around pets

Essential oils are very popular now, especially since they are natural and a good alternative medications.
Additionally, essential oils are popular as alternative medicine, DIY cleaning agent, and aromatherapy.
But are these safe for our pets too?
Surely you love using essential oils, but how can we use them safely around our pets? Can we diffuse all kinds of oil? What are safe and what is not?

Just like humans, pets can burn their skin if they come in contact with hot essential oil. These oils are very potent since they are typically pure. Before trying to use essential oils around your pet, be sure to check first if the kind of oil is safe. Oils that contain salicylates or phenols are generally the ones to avoid.

Your feline is more susceptible than canine for toxicosis caused by salicylates. Nevertheless, precautions should be practiced for both.

The oils that are generally toxic for pets are Basil, Clove, Oregano, Tea tree, Thyme, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Bark, Melaleuca Quinquenervia, Peppermint, Ylang-Ylang, and Citrus. These are toxic whether applies to their skin or diffused in the air. Oil through diffusing may be harmful since it uses vapor to emit the scent and diffusing in a close area or small space could be overwhelming and may cause aspiration pneumonia. If you are using essential oils at home, make sure that you are diffusing in a specified area where your pets cannot access especially if you have a pet experiencing a breathing problem. It is best to consider if you should use essential oils or never at all when you have a pet or you can ask you veterinarian which oils are safe for use around pets.

Dogs and cats have a more sensitive sense of smell compared to humans and some other animals, so it may still be overwhelming for them.