Oct 15 , 2020

The Feline's Rule

It is commonly known that cats were held in high regard in ancient Egypt. They were worshipped and revered. Cats were considered a status symbol in prominent families and were believed to possess magical powers.
When a cat died, the Egyptian owners would shave their eyebrows to signal their loss and state of mourning. Their mourning continued even after their brows had grown back. Like dogs, cats were decorated depending on the owner’s wealth status. Since they believed that cats bring good omen, they treated them as a royalty and bestowed great honor on them when they pass
According to a Greek Historian, owners shaved off their brows when a natural death of their cats happened, but in the houses where a dog died, they will shave not just their brows, but their entire body, including their heads. One more thing to take note is that when a cat dies, they are buried in a sacred city called Bubastis, whilst dogs are buried in the owner's city but in a sacred tomb.

Why do you think cats are treated as such? It is because Egyptian believe that only gods and goddess can turn themselves into an animal. Thus cats are perceived relatives of the gods.

Cats are also considered special because of their ability to protect foods from pests, such as mice and rats.

How do you love and cherish your cat so they feel like royalty?