Why Do Pets Need Companions?

Apr 30 , 2020

Why Do Pets Need Companions?

Do you miss your dog when you’re not home? Do they feel the same way?

We wish we could be with our pets all the time but daily responsibilities often make this impossible. According to studies, dogs are able to adapt to moderate amounts of alone time but it is important to remember that they can suffer from separation anxiety and social deprivation. There are some common warning signs that indicate your dog is unhappy. Often, when a dog is separated from its owner, they become anxious and destructive. These feelings manifest in them whining, barking, or scratching floors. Our pets get used to being in close proximity to us, so when we leave for work, exercise, or run errands, this may provoke separation anxiety. This cycle is constantly triggered over and over again each time we leave home.

How can we help our pets avoid this anxiety, control it, and enjoy their independence?


Some pet owners make great efforts to keep their pet occupied in their absence. For instance, taking them to play-dates or daycare can help them to socialize and establish their own bonds with fellow pets. Others hire a pet sitter to check in during the hours that they cannot due to other engagements or work commitments.  We have to understand that pets also need frequent social interaction and stimulation. If your pet is repeatedly deprived of social relationships, be it from canines or humans, they will most likely start to exhibit destructive or problematic behavior.



According to Cesar Millan, also known as the Dog Whisperer, you can help ease your dog’s anxiety by walking them before you leave. When you are ready to depart, avoid touching them, talking to them, and if possible, avoid eye contact. This implies to them that the time apart is no big deal. Stay calm and confident. Don't feel guilty about leaving them.

Help convey to them that being alone doesn’t have to be scary.