Why It Is Important To Feed Your Pet On A Schedule

May 13 , 2019

Why It Is Important To Feed Your Pet On A Schedule

When it comes to feeding your pet, you’ve probably heard many different methods and naming mechanisms — free-grazing, free-feeding, feeding 3 times a day, etc. Here at Chow Time, we believe that scheduled feeding is key to a healthy and happy pet. Dogs and cats are meat eaters and are better equipped to be fed scheduled meals versus grazing on their food throughout the day.

Here's 4 reasons why we suggest feeding portioned meals on a schedule with out Chow Time Automatic Pet Feeder. 

1. Creatures of Habit
Dogs and cats are creatures of habit — they’re used to having similar schedules every day. Because of this, your pet forms a dependence on you as an owner to feed them at certain times. Feeding on a consistent schedule lets them know that they are being taken care of, and it is a strong bonding tie between you and your pet!

2. Emotional Well-Being
As mentioned above, feeding your pet on a consistent schedule allows them to feel loved and secure, amounting to an overall 
happier and more content animal! Free-feeding doesn’t promote the same connection between human and animal, as your pet or dog doesn’t have a strong sense of when, or if, they will be fed.

3. Having an Appetite is Normal
Think about it — when you have the flu, do you have a ravenous appetite? When something is wrong with us as humans, a key indication is appetite, and it is the same way for many cats and dogs. Often times you can tell that something is off with your pet, and might be an indication of sickness or health issue, by a lack of appetite. If your pet is not eating, it’s important to note that in their behavior. If you’re free-feeding your pet, it may be harder to judge your pet’s health off their appetite if you don’t know when their last full meal was.

4. Prevents Obesity
As a pet owner, you should be in control of how much, and when, your dog or cat eats — not the other way around. Feeding on a consistent and strict schedule allows you to control your pet’s caloric and nutritional intake every day. Letting your pet eat whenever he or she wants often poses a major risk of over-feeding or under-feeding your pet.