Is Chow Time right for my pet?
Yes! Chow Time is designed to feed both cats and dogs of any breed. Hey, maybe you can even use it for your pet iguana!
How many Chow Time dishes do I need?
The Chow Time feeder is designed for one serving of food, for one pet. Many of our customers purchase multiple feeders if they wish to feed several pets at a time or to set up feeders for more than one meal.
How do I clean my Chow Time dish?
The Chow Time feeder is not dishwasher safe, but the food dish is! You can clean the Chow Time feeder using a damp cloth with dish soap
How does Chow Time compare to other automatic pet feeders?
Our customers love Chow Time because of how simple it is to use. You can be sure your pet will be fed when you are not around without having to worry about technical glitches that some other products experience.
What type of pet food can I put in my Chow Time dish?
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If I do not like the unit, can I return it and get my money back?
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My pet has broken into every automatic feeder I've tried. How do I know they won't just defeat your system too?
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Can I leave my pet at home with the Chow Tim edish while I'm not there?
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Is the Chow Time dish safe for my pets?
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